Helping Scots in need

The Charity for Scots in London

Helping Scots in need

For over 400 years we’ve been helping out Scots, and the children of Scots, here in London.

But as times change, so does the type of assistance needed.

And we’re finding the need for our services has never been greater.

In the last 3 years we’ve helped 5,820 people. With every one having a story to tell.

Would you care to join our community?

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Volunteers social event

ScotsCare volunteers say it's good to blether!

Posted in ScotsCare news, Volunteers on 13/06/17

With just over 20 staff, ScotsCare supports Scots in London in a range of ways – from family support and education and training grants to housing for over-55s. But without its 50 volunteers, there are some services the charity wouldn’t be able to offer.

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